The historical landmarks of past ideologies - the monuments of the Soviets, colonial figures, and ideas - today evoke a lot of emotions and discussions. In paraphrasing Mary Douglas, they are seen as symbolically impure: out of place, too painful, or dangerous. However, destroying and forgetting them is not a way to heal. Objects themselves are neither clean nor unclean. They simply exist. Any object can become symbolically polluted.

Natural herbs and moss are a traditional folk medicine remedies used to treat both wounds and infectious diseases. Artificial moss draws attention to the fragility of history, society, and the natural environment in the face of ongoing pollution. However, there are rituals that allow us to regain lost purity.

The performance installation LETS NOT FORGET NOT TO REMEMBER serves as such a ritual.

However, our society was not yet ready for the creation of new rituals. The public healing ceremony in P. Cvirkos Square became a performance of testing democracy with art.

Documentation and installation Courtesy of the artists, photo by Andrius Seliuta von Rath