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Public art performance documentation LET'S NOT FORGET NOT TO REMEMBER in P. Cvirka Square s and installation was created for exhibition 'Green'.

Memory and oblivion

One of the topics that haunts us these days is memory and forgetting. Both of them accompany the becoming and change of identity-no aging organism and no aging civilization can escape the struggle with memory loss. A common visual symbol of oblivion found in various works of art is green moss (Bryidae). Moss covers things and destroys memories. The interpretation of this classical symbol (real moss is replaced by a synthetic imitation coating) is represented in the exhibition by the documentation of the installation encouraging to reflect on the memory and forgetting of the controversial writer and politician Petras Cvirka. The object of the work is a Soviet-era monument to Cvirka (sculptor Juozas Mikenas, architect Vladislovas Mikučianis), which stood in a Vilnius square, paradoxically still bearing the name of Petras Cvirka, and was removed from public view in 2021.


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